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Company History

The process we call FlashVacuum was invented by Armando Luis, a graduate mechanical engineer with over twenty years of experience in wine retailing and the restaurant industry. As an engineer, he worked in the field of fluid mechanics in the nuclear power and medical instrumentation industries for several years before taking over the family's small liquor store in Hoboken, NJ in 1986. Sparrow Wine & Liquor Company has become one of the leading wine merchants in New Jersey. Armando opened his first restaurant in 1995 and a second in 1999, both also in Hoboken. He is still involved both industries on a daily basis.

While shopping for a wine preservation system, it became evident that existing technology had serious practical limitations. Systems on the market were expensive to install and maintain, cumbersome to use and often ineffective, and as a result were rarely used consistently. It also became obvious that wine quality and losses were a major issue with a serious wine-by-the-glass program.

Of the two scientific concepts applicable to wine preservation, inert gas and vacuum, the later was clearly the simpler, more flexible, less expensive and more reliable of the two, although the technology available had major shortcomings. Bringing together his engineering, wine and restaurant background, Armando visualized a standing central vacuum system supporting multiple outlets, which would be much faster and reliable, and could be use simultaneously by multiple users. A prototype was built, and after extensive testing and development, the concept proved itself to be highly effective and practical.

About the Manufacturer

The Pneumadyne Corporation of Plymouth, MN was contracted to design and build a commercial version of the system, the first of which was installed in late 2006. Vinfinity is currently installed in over 150 locations at many of the most prestigious restaurants and wine bars in the country, as well as Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe.


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