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How long does Vinfinity keep a wine fresh?
Vinfinity will keep a wine in pristine condition for 7 to 21 days, depending on the wine, whether there's temperature control and how many times the bottle has been poured.

How many bottles can the system handle?
There's no limitation to the number of bottles, as they are not permanently attached to the system.

Which wines keep longest?
Young, tannic reds such Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux or Brunello and high acidity whites such as Sauvignon Blanc.

Does Vinfinity work on dessert wines and Sake?
Dessert wines are naturally resistant to oxidation and will remain fresh for months with Vinfinity. Sake oxidizes much faster than regular wine, but will remain fresh for 3-7 days.

Does vacuuming ruin the aromas in wine?
Aromatics are ruined by oxygen, just like flavors, but are more volatile and hence oxidize first. Vinfinity preserves aromas much longer than otherwise would, but aromatic wines are usually at the lower end of our preservation range.

How is Vinfinity different from other vacuum systems?
Vinfinity applies a high vacuum to an open bottle almost instantaneously, which vaporizes a miniscule amount of wine that takes up the volume and allows the system to remove 95+ of the air. The quick response also makes it practical to apply after every pour, which is far more effective than doing it at the end of the night only, as with all other systems. We call the process FlashVacuum.

How difficult is it to vacuum after every pour?
Vacuuming with Vinfinity takes about the same time and effort as it does to put ice in glass, and much less time than mixing a typical drink. This is a management issue, but once bartenders realize the benefits of the system, the process becomes routine.


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