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Technical Specs

Vinfinity V-6 Central Vacuum System
The Vinfinity® V-6 has three major components: Vacuum Guns (V-Guns) and/or Vacuum Pods (V-Pods), a vacuum tank and a Central Vacuum Unit (CVU). V-Guns and V-Pods are connected via vacuum hoses or existing spare soda system lines. There is no limit to the number or the distance between them and the CVU.
V-Guns and V-Pods require four linear inches, and can be mounted under the bar or on a vertical surface. The CVU is self-contained with a footprint of less than 2 square feet and weighs 35 pounds. The unit uses 120V/60Hz electricity, operates quietly and requires no regular maintenance. The tank is 8.5" dia x 25” long and may be installed vertically or horizontally. Tank Weight: 20lb
The installation process involves little more than connecting the CVU to the tank and the tank to V-Gun and V-Pod Stations using ½ inch flexible vacuum lines or existing soda lines. All fitting and connections are push-in or quick-disconnect. The CVU Control Panel has a function to test for leaks to insure proper installation. Installation service is available anywhere in the country.
When used as intended, the system is likely to be trouble-free for years. The digital controller monitors and protects the system against user negligence and accidents such as a system flood or broken vacuum lines. The only regular maintenance required is cleaning the Vacuum Guns daily with hot water to remove any residue build up, which is a 30 second nightly process.
Vinfinity® carries a one year full replacement warranty on the CVU. An extended warranty program is available. For details download pdf of Limited Warranty.

Download pdf: Installation and Maintenance Manual
Download pdf:
V-6 Central Vacuum System Cut Sheet

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