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Vinfinity Schematic V6 Central Vacuum System
V6 Vacuum System
Vacuum Pod

Vinfinity V6 Central Vacuum System

Designed for bars and restaurants the Vinfinity system consists of a remote Central Vacuum Unit (CVU) connected by a beverage line to Vacuum Stations located at the bar. There is no limit to the number of Vacuum Stations the unit can accommodate or the distance between them.

Central Vacuum Unit (CVU)
The CVU consists of a vacuum pump and vacuum tank that are mounted independently anywhere on the premises and connected to each other by a vacuum line. The vacuum level in the tank is kept in the ideal range for wine preservation by a digital controller. The tank is then connected to Vacuum Stations at the bar much like syrup bags or kegs are connected to soda guns and beer taps.

Vacuum Stations
Vacuum Stations should be located wherever wine is served, most typically near the soda guns or beer taps at the main bar and at the service bar if necessary. Vacuum Stations can be either V-Guns or V-Pods and can be installed in any combination with no limitation as to the number, location or distance from the CVU.

Vacuum Gun (V-Gun)
V-Guns are similar to soda guns and take up about the same room at the bar. They are ergonomically designed for easy handling and have a three to four foot reach radius; they are easily detached from the coil hose for cleaning.

Vacuum Pod (V-Pod)
V-Pods work in exactly the same way as V-Guns, except that they are stationary. They can be mounted under the bar as shown or on almost any available vertical surface. V-Pods offer the convenience of one hand operation.

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